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09-15-20 Business Meeting Action Report.pdf[Icon]
09-15-20 Business Meeting Agenda Summary.pdf[Icon]
09-15-20 Business Meeting Agenda.pdf[Icon]
Item 01a Appointments 09-15-20 Confirmations.pdf[Icon]
Item 01b Appointments 09-15-20 Nominations.pdf[Icon]
Item 02 Administrative Items Report 09-15-20.pdf[Icon]
Item 03 Legislative Report- 2020 Special Session I and Draft 2021 Legislative Program.pdf[Icon]
Item 04 Proposed Re-adoption of the Continuity of Government Emergency Ordinance.pdf[Icon]
Item 05 CARES Act Funding - Second Allocation - LCPS.PDF[Icon]
Item 06 Establishing a Resident Curator Program for Loudoun County.pdf[Icon]
Item 07 Local Authority to Increase Courthouse Security Assessment.pdf[Icon]
Item 08 QN Overlay Expansion.pdf[Icon]
Item 09 Belmont Green Revitalization.pdf[Icon]
Item 09 Belmont Green Revitalization-Staff Presentation.pdf[Icon]
Item 10 The Grange At Willowsford PH Waiver and Fee Reduction.pdf[Icon]
Item 11 Response to BMI-Warrant Analysis at Ashbrook Pl Atwater Dr.pdf[Icon]
Item 12 BMI-Woodland Road Outreach and Evaluation.pdf[Icon]
Item 13 BMI-Consideration of Disposable Plastic Bag Tax.pdf[Icon]
Item 14 BMI- Evaluation of Regulating Excessive Sound from Firearm Discharge.pdf[Icon]
Item 15 BMI-Disbanding the ZOAG-Establishing the ZOC.pdf[Icon]
Item 15 BMI-Disbanding the ZOAG-Establishing the ZOC-Supplemental.pdf[Icon]
Item 16 BMI-Emergency Broadband Implementation Plan.pdf[Icon]
Item 17 BMI-Confederate and Segregationist Symbols.pdf[Icon]
Item 18a FGOEDC-Award Authority Increase Fire Apparatus Ambulance, and Heavy Equipment.pdf[Icon]
Item 18b FGOEDC-Award Authority Increase Off-the-Lot New Vehicles and Equipment.pdf[Icon]
Item 18c FGOEDC-Ashburn Station _Regency Property Pedestrian Bridge.pdf[Icon]
Item 18d FGOEDC-Nonprofit Organizations Requests for Property Tax Exemption.pdf[Icon]
Item 18e FGOEDC-Plan Year 21 Health Plan Update and Premium Review.pdf[Icon]
Item 18f FGOEDC-Contract Award Group Health Plan ‎(MPDDV)‎.pdf[Icon]
Item 18g FGOEDC-Contract Award LTD and STD APS.pdf[Icon]
Item 18h FGOEDC-Proposal for Revised Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service Internal Control Maturity Assessment.pdf[Icon]
Item 18i FGOEDC-Proposed Changes to the Adopted Fiscal Policy.pdf[Icon]
Item 18j FGOEDC-Resolution Authorizing Issuance and Sale of General Obligation Refunding Bonds.pdf[Icon]
Item 18k FGOEDC-Resolution Authorizing Issuance and Sale of Solid Waste Refunding Bonds Through VRA.pdf[Icon]
Item 19 Proposed Revisions to the K-6 Distance Learning Child Care Program.pdf[Icon]
Item I-1 Update on Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan Process.pdf[Icon]
Item I-1 Update on Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan Process-Staff Presentation.pdf[Icon]
Item I-2 COVID-19 ‎(Coronavirus)‎ Update.pdf[Icon]
Item R-1 Diaper Need Awareness Week Proclamation.pdf[Icon]
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