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<br /> <br />Loudoun County Government <br />Administrative Policies and Procedures <br />Title: Telework Procedural Guidelines Effective Date: 6/06/06 <br />Number: TELEWK-01 <br /> <br />Date Last Reviewed/Revised: 04/30/2010 <br />Expiration Date: 04/30/2012 <br /> <br />Telework Procedural Guidelines (reference HR Policy 4.3-Telework Policy) <br /> <br />I. Criteria for Participating: <br /> <br /> (A) Eligibility Requirements: Telework arrangements can be initiated by the employee <br />or the supervisor. It may be available as an option for full-time, part-time, regular or <br />temporary positions within the County. However, there are many factors which <br />must be considered in determining whether telework is suitable for the work to be <br />performed and the employee. Selection is based upon review of the work, the worker <br />and the work unit as suitable for telework. Telework is not an employee entitlement <br />nor should it be construed as a reasonable accommodation for the purposes of the <br />Americans with Disabilities Act, Rehabilitation Act or any other federal, state or <br />local regulation. Approval for the telework arrangement rests with department <br />management. <br /> <br />Telework may be discontinued or temporarily suspended at any time at the <br />discretion of the employee’s supervisor or department head. The employee may also <br />request termination of the telework agreement. <br /> <br />(B) Identifying Suitable Positions and Tasks: The nature of the tasks, in terms of <br />work performed and services provided, is the initial consideration in determining <br />whether telework is a possibility for a particular position. No specific positions are <br />excluded from the telework program, however, the following factors related to the <br />nature and function of the job must be considered: <br /> <br /> 1) Some or all of the work activities are portable and can be performed <br />effectively while working away from the standard county work site. The <br />defined tasks do not require access to equipment or to materials that cannot be <br />moved from the standard county work site and they do not require the <br />presence of supervision. <br /> <br /> 2) The employee’s participation in the telework program will not adversely <br />affect the department’s ability to meet and/or exceed customers’ needs. <br /> <br /> 3) The position does not require daily unscheduled face-to-face contact with <br />other employees or the public at the standard county work site. Many