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APPENDIX A (6/06) LOUDOUN COUNTY TELEWORK AGREEMENT This agreement is between the County of Loudoun (the “County”) and Employee’s Name: _______________________________________ <br />(the “Employee”) Employee’s Position: ______________________________________ Effective Date: __________________________________________ Telework Location: __________________________________ <br /> (Street Address) __________________________________________________ (City, State, Zip Code) __________________________________________________ (Telephone) If this <br />Agreement is part of a telework trial or if the supervisor has agreed to this Telework Agreement for a predetermined period, the termination date of this Agreement is no later than ________________ <br />_______________. The parties agree as follows: 1. Scope of the Agreement The County of Loudoun and the employee agree that, with the approval of the Director, the employee may perform <br />assigned work at locations other than the employee's customary office in the Department of ___________________________. This agreement does not create a contract of employment. The <br />terms and conditions of employment are governed by all applicable rules, laws, policies and regulations, this agreement not withstanding. If any conflict exists between this document <br />and any rules, policies, laws and regulations, the rules, policies, laws, and regulations shall govern. Specific conditions relating to the employee's will be determined by the <br />employee and the employee's immediate supervisor to include the tasks or assignments to be completed while teleworking. The Telework Agreement is not a basis for changing the employee’s <br />salary, job responsibilities or benefits.