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Supervisor Checklist <br />Not all positions or employees are appropriate for telework, but many have at least some tasks that can be done <br />away from the primary office location. Below is a list of factors that can serve as a basis for evaluating an <br />employee’s request. <br />Suitability of Work <br /> Consider the amount of face-to-face contact with customers/clients that is required. <br />o Does the job permit the substitution of electronic communication? <br />o Can responsibilities be rotated within the work group to provide the needed coverage? <br />(opportunities for cross-training) <br /> <br /> Consider the amount of face-to-face contact with co-workers or team that is required. <br />o Can some of the tasks be completed and communicated via online tools or over the phone? <br />o Are there clear work assignments on the team? <br />o Is the contact with other employees and customer predictable and/or can it be scheduled? <br /> <br /> Does a portion of the job responsibilities require uninterrupted, focused work? <br />o Would telework help with the employee’s ability to complete this portion of the job? <br /> <br /> Does the position require access to off-line equipment or files or need a high level of office support to <br />perform? <br />o Does this position use information that is not restricted from being accessed remotely because of <br />security? <br /> <br /> Does the position contain tasks which readily lend themselves to telework such as: analysis of data, report <br />writing, preparing presentations, writing computer code, preparing website content, developing budgets, <br />writing case reports, or reviewing contracts? <br /> <br />Suitability of Employee to Telework <br /> Does the employee have good time-management skills, with an ability to structure time in an unstructured <br />environment? <br /> Does the employee demonstrate motivation, independence and dependability in accomplishing work <br />assignments? <br /> Does the employee communicate effectively? <br /> Can the employee deal with less frequent face-to-face contact with others? <br /> Has the employee’s overall performance evaluations been Fully Successful or higher? <br /> Does the employee have a clearly defined performance plan? <br /> Is the employee willing to sign and abide by a written agreement? <br /> Does the employee indicate they have a suitable work station and equipment at home? <br /> Does the employee demonstrate willingness to protect the confidentiality of data, and ensure the security <br />of data files and information? <br /> Does the employee view telework as regular work performed in an alternative setting?