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Teleworker Checklist <br /> <br />Not all positions and not everyone is an ideal candidate for teleworking. Below is a checklist of items to consider <br />when evaluating your situation and suitability for teleworking. In addition to helping you decide whether to apply <br />for a telework arrangement, it can also serve as a basis for a discussion with your supervisor about how the <br />arrangement might be implemented. <br /> <br />Characteristics of Your Job <br /> <br /> Does your job have clear work objectives which are project or case work oriented, telephone intensive or <br />computer oriented? <br /> Do you have tasks that would benefit from having quiet or uninterrupted time? <br /> Will telecommuting impact your ability to meet and/or exceed customers’ needs? <br /> Does your position use information that is not restricted from being removed or accessed remotely <br />because of security? <br /> Does your job require unscheduled face-to-face contact with co-workers, supervisors and customers on a <br />daily basis? <br /> Are the tasks to be performed truly portable? For example, tasks not requiring access to off-line <br />equipment or files or need a high level of office support to perform. <br /> <br />Your Working Style and Skills <br /> <br /> Are you able to work alone for long periods of time? <br /> Are you self-motivated with an ability to set priorities and meet deadlines? <br /> Can you work effectively in a comfortable, familiar and non-traditional setting? <br /> Can you communicate effectively over the phone and in writing? <br /> Are you reliable concerning work hours and attendance? <br /> Are you comfortable requesting supervisory support when required? <br /> Do you know the job standards and department expectations? <br /> Are you comfortable using basic computer technology? <br /> Are you able to work productively with limited supervision or frequent feedback? <br /> <br />Your Planned Workspace <br /> <br /> Do you have a designated workspace at your planned telecommuting location? <br /> Is your work environment safe and free from distractions? <br /> Do you have a comfortable desk, lighting and a chair? <br /> If using or accessing confidential information, do you have a file cabinet to put away and store this <br />information to protect the necessary privacy and security of these records? <br /> Do you have child care or elder care arrangements in place? <br /> Do you have a telephone, cell phone or other means of making and receiving telephone calls? <br /> Can the phone calls be conducted in a private area to protect privacy others if needed? <br /> Do you have high-speed and/or reliable internet access? <br /> Are you using wireless internet access at home? If so, do you have a firewall or router installed?