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Census 2020: Loudoun County <br />Complete Count Committee <br />Agenda <br /> <br />Dulles Room, First Floor, Government Center <br />April 15, 2019, 6:00 P.M. <br /> <br />I. Call to Order and Opening Remarks – Chair Randall <br />II. Subcommittee and Regional CCC Representative Reports <br />A. Business – Tony Howard <br />B. Community Organizations – Pastor Michelle Thomas <br />C. Education & Children – Rick Pearson <br />D. Faith-Based – Pastor Mike Taylor <br />E. Government – Mayor Roger Vance <br />F. Housing – Bob Lazaro, Jr. <br />G. Media & Communications – Nicole Acosta <br />H. Recruitment – Glenda Blake <br />I. Special Populations – Lisa Kimball <br />J. Regional CCC Representative – Mark Miller <br />III. Action Summary, April 1, 2019, and Staff Responses to Action Items <br />IV. Next Steps Discussion – Staff Presentation <br />A. Recruiting Subcommittee Members <br />B. Holding Census Solutions Workshop <br />C. Preparing Work Plan <br />D. Scheduling Monthly Census Awareness Activities <br />V. Adjourn <br />