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09-01-20 Business Meeting Action Report.pdf[Icon]
09-01-20 Business Meeting Agenda Summary.pdf[Icon]
09-01-20 Business Meeting Agenda.pdf[Icon]
Item 01a Appointments 09-01-20 Confirmations.pdf[Icon]
Item 01b Appointments 09-01-20 Nominations.pdf[Icon]
Item 01c Appointments 09-01-20 ZOAG Nominations that require voting.pdf[Icon]
Item 02 Administrative Items Report .pdf[Icon]
Item 03 Legislative Report- Special Session.pdf[Icon]
Item 03 Legislative Report- Special Session-Supplemental.pdf[Icon]
Item 04 Board Support Formal Apology for Operation of Segregated Schools.pdf[Icon]
Item 05 Resonse to BMI-Impacts of Firearms Legislation-Supplemental.pdf[Icon]
Item 05 Response to BMI-Impacts of Firearms Legislation.pdf[Icon]
Item 06 Rules of Order for Remote Public Input.pdf[Icon]
Item 07 Acceptance of CARES Act Funding - Second Allocation.pdf[Icon]
Item 07 Acceptance of CARES Act Funding - Second Allocation-Supplemental.pdf[Icon]
Item 08 Local Authority to Increase Courthouse Security Assessment.pdf[Icon]
Item 09 Election Day Holiday.pdf[Icon]
Item 10 Establishing a Resident Curator Program for Loudoun County.pdf[Icon]
Item 11 Extension of County Administrator Authorization-Transit Service Programming.pdf[Icon]
Item 11 Extension of County Administrator Authorization-Transit Service Programming-Supplemental.pdf[Icon]
Item 12 Implementaion Plan for Construction of portion of Arcola Blvd.pdf[Icon]
Item 13 ZOAM Work Program and Status Update for ZO Rewrite.pdf[Icon]
Item 14 Rollins Property SPEX.pdf[Icon]
Item 15 BMI-Replacement of Plaque on the WWI Memorial.pdf[Icon]
Item 16 BMI-Study to Construct Trail on North Side of Beaverdam Run Underneath Ashburn Rd.pdf[Icon]
Item 17 BMI-Confederate and Segregationist Symbols.pdf[Icon]
Item I-1 Update on Preparations for the November 3 General Election.pdf[Icon]
Item I-2 Significant Incident Report.pdf[Icon]
Item I-2 Significant Incident Report-Supplemental.pdf[Icon]
Item I-3 COVID-19 ‎(Coronavirus)‎ Update.pdf[Icon]
Item R-1 Freedom High School Girls Varsity Gymnastics Team Resolution.pdf[Icon]
Item R-2 Workforce Development Month Proclamation.pdf[Icon]
Item R-3 Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.pdf[Icon]
Item R-4 National Recovery Month Proclamation.pdf[Icon]
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