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Fiscal Planning Subareas & 2019 General Plan Policy Areas <br />Notes <br />1) Fiscal Planning Subareas <br />The Capital Needs Assessment (CNA)tlivitles the County into ten planning subareas <br />(service delivery areas) to help identify the type & quantity of facilities needed in each subarea_ <br />2) 2019 General Plan Policy Areas <br />These areas are the framework for land planning in Loudoun Countyand represent distinct planning <br />communities with specific policies, strategies, and actions to guide land uses, growth, and the built environment <br />N <br />A Rural Historic Village <br />• • ; Fiscal Planning Subareas <br />• <br />Major -Water Body 9 <br />sT % <br />F" ,.�... <br />`3J 7 <br />A/ �, 5, ��f7A.;HBU.RN <br />� IACHIF EST �i._ ROUTE 15 SOUTH J <br />U <br />f <br />•• <br />2019 General Plan Policy Area DEEEES <br />r <br />Joint Land Management Area `-�_ 5C <br />l <br />Rural Policy Area `L <br />Suburban Policy Area <br />Transition Policy Area <br />i <br />- Urban Policy Area i <br />Afap #2020-277; Czcazcd 11/5/2020 <br />LOUDOUN Planning <br />0 s 10 C O ®N T Y and Zoni <br />Miles VIRGINIA <br />